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There’s no doubt that going through a divorce is a major life change, and it can be incredibly disruptive and overwhelming. Unfortunately, there’s no sure way to prepare yourself for the legal procedures and life changes resulting from your decision to divorce. Still, you may be able to feel more at ease and get yourself ready with some helpful guidelines. 

From the New Jersey divorce attorneys at Bauer & Karch Law Group, LLC, here is a divorce checklist to help you get ready for your divorce:  

Step 1: Gather Your Team

Don’t let yourself feel lonely during your divorce — rely on the people who love and care for you. Whether it’s family or friends, be open and ask for support, company, or to talk when you need it; they’ll be happy to be there for you. As well, don’t wait to find legal support for your separation. A trusted divorce attorney can help ensure every detail is managed and the best interest of you and your family is considered throughout the divorce process.

Step 2: Gather Your Personal Information and Legal Documents

To get the divorce process started and throughout, you will need access to various documents and personal information. Some of this data includes your address, social security number, employment information, pay stubs, usernames and passwords to online accounts, etc. Consult with your divorce attorney to ensure you gather all the necessary documents; this will be a big help. 

Step 3: Get Your Finances in Order

Fights about money are a common cause of divorce, and it can be difficult to find your footing financially after, making this a great time to take care of your finances. Consider gathering and taking inventory of all your financial documents and opening up your own checking and savings accounts to separate from your spouse. As well, if you have concerns about the cost of your divorce, try creating a monthly budget to follow. 

Step 4: Identify and List Your Personal and Shared Property

Deciding who will get what is a major component of any divorce as you will need to divide your shared assets. To help when the time comes, create a list detailing any property and assets you own personally and what you’ve accumulated with your spouse. These items may include houses, land, vehicles, household items, pets, jewelry, and more. The more organized and detailed you are, the more helpful it could be during the process. 

Step 5: Think About Your Living Situation

Divorce will impact your finances; there’s no way around it. As a result, your living situation may need to change. Some divorcing couples will live under the same roof together during the process, but others feel they need to be apart. Consider what’s best for you and your situation, and don’t delay determining if you need to move out now or in the near future. You should also consider that if you own a house with your spouse, you may not be entitled to it after your divorce.

Step 6: Take Care of Yourself

And finally, make sure to make yourself a priority during this time. Divorce can be emotionally and physically draining, so give yourself the time and care you both need and deserve. Taking time to provide yourself with some extra love will help you stay strong through the process, especially when making important decisions with your spouse and when you potentially need to be in court.  

If you’re looking for a divorce lawyer in New Jersey, turn to the family law attorneys at Bauer & Karch Law Group, LLC.

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