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Five Tips For Managing The Holidays During Divorce

Though the holiday season is meant to be a joyous time, it can also be a difficult time; this is sometimes the case for those going through a divorce. The emotions of grief, guilt, and loneliness are often amplified during the holiday season. But it doesn’t have to be that way; with a little advice and extra effort, this holiday season can be a special one celebrating new beginnings and thankfulness. 

From the team at Bauer & Karch Law Group, LLC, here are five tips to help you make it through the holidays during your divorce:

1. Make a Plan 

The holidays can be tough to manage when dealing with many emotions. To make sure you don’t get overwhelmed and succumb to depression, plan ahead of time on how you’ll handle certain situations, such as seeing family members or attending holiday events. This will give you something concrete to focus on rather than letting your thoughts run wild in circles around the same problems.  

2. Reach Out for Support 

It’s important to remember that although you may feel alone during this tough time, there are people who are willing to listen and support you through it all. It’s okay if reaching out feels uncomfortable — it means you’re taking steps towards healing and self-care, which is ultimately what will help get you through this difficult period in your life.

3. Stay Busy 

When we’re feeling down or lonely, our minds tend to wander toward negative thoughts and feelings, which can lead to intense sadness. Staying busy is an excellent way to keep yourself occupied while working towards meaningful goals in your life, like taking up a new hobby or volunteering at a local charity organization. Not only will staying busy keep your mind off things, but it’ll also give you something positive to look forward to each day!

4 . Practice Self-Care 

Taking care of yourself should always be your number one priority, no matter what situation you find yourself in. Self-care can come in many forms, such as yoga or meditation, spending time outdoors, connecting with friends and family members, journaling, or even just taking some time for yourself away from all the noise and chaos of daily life. Whatever form self-care takes for you, be sure to set aside time from each day just for yourself. 

5 . Celebrate Yourself

The holidays don’t have to be about spending time with family or buying expensive gifts; they can also serve as an opportunity for self-reflection and growth! Take some time over the holidays to recognize everything that makes you unique and wonderful by celebrating all that you have accomplished over this past year despite everything else going on around you. Doing this will remind you just how resilient and capable of overcoming obstacles you truly are.     

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